Creator of the Blueprint Process, helping others recognize their purpose impact they’ve been designed to make.

Tammi Brannan helps clients of all ages to identify their purpose and ignite/reignite the momentum in their career. To achieve this Tammi uses her research based program Blueprint Process to help her clients determine their natural skills, passions, and values. Through this process, she instills confidence in her clients that allows them to go ahead and pursue their greatest success.

About Tammi Brannan

Keynote speaker Tammi Brannan helps clients of all ages and stages in their career unlock their purpose and identify the impact they’re meant to make on the world. Tammi achieves this through the Blueprint Process, a program based on self-research, which helps her clients to identify their God- given skills, passions, and values. This is their custom design.

At 36, Speaker Tammi recognized she was an imposter in her own life. Suffering from low self- esteem since she was a child, this recognition didn’t come as a surprise to Tammi, but instead lit a fire in her to discover and maintain her own individuality.

In 2008, after a few years of studying and implementing her individuality at home and at work, Tammi recognized her strength in helping others see their own potential and designed a program for professionals called the Blueprint Process. This process guides professionals to uncover their individuality and implement it in the workplace. Now, Tammi works with clients who are seeking their own personal revolution.

Tammi helps create a paradigm shift from what can be perceived as harmful, like the Imposter Syndrome, and shows business owners how to turn it into their own personal super power.


by Tammi Brannan

You Are Custom-Designed

Stewardship of the Mind

Marketing: Reimagined

The Power of the

Ripple Effect

Imposter syndrome

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Tammi Brannan helps clients of all ages to identify their purpose and ignite/reignite the momentum in their career and business, with a research based program. 


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